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Antonio Meucci Centre

Inauguration - Media Conference

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Meucci, more than an inventor, a discoverer


October 18th is the anniversary of the death of Antonio Meucci, 113 years ago.  On that date, due to his death, all of the controversy, the claims and the expectations to obtain due credit for his invention of the telephone were terminated.  It was said that the lawyers were the only true winners.


Today we ask ourselves:  was justice done?  Can history be changed by unveiling a new truth?  Who was Meucci a stage technician, a patriot, an emigrant, an inventor or a discoverer?



Nous voulons, par cette conférence, destinée aux Médias dinformation, rendre public et plus en évidence la découverte de la téléphonie réalisée, déjà en 1849, par Antonio Meucci.  Cette découverte, ainsi que ses travaux dans le développement du téléphone comme outil de communication vocal commencèrent à lHavane, Cuba.


Après avoir identifié la transmission de la voix par fil électrifié, il sest dédié à mieux comprendre et expérimenter dans la communication à travers un « télégraphe parlant ».


En 1850 il décida démigrer aux Etats Unis pour favoriser la commercialisation et lapplication de sa découverte.  Meucci réalisa quelques 26 modèles de téléphones opérationnels dès les années 1850.



Over the last four years historic and scientific information has been found to support Meuccis work as an inventor.  The numerous Bell Company court cases in the 1880s facilitated the compilation and storage of detailed records that were archived and are currently kept in the vaults of justice.


It is not for us to elaborate on the research done by Dr. B. Catania, a professional engineer, on Antonio Meucci.  Dr. Catanias work positions Meuccis achievements to a time some 25 years before Alexander G. Bell patented his telephone.  Dr. B. Catania, personally, and Ms. E. Gear of the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum will cover the topics on Meuccis life and work.


Filled with a scientific passion to understand the events of the past, we find ourselves on a path towards truth (*) the truth is out there and we need to find it. 


As in many similar situations, of greater or lesser importance, it is the sum of the research, the documentation and an objective motivation that can bring historical data to be revisited.  History is life, and as life evolves, so can history evolve with knowledge the solar system now has 10 planets, Jupiter has several more moons and, yes, telephony has a discoverer: Antonio Meucci.


Recent events in the United States and in Canada have moved the research and the discussions to a new level, where public recognition of Antonio Meucci needs to be strengthened by historical and scientific facts supporting this new truth.


In an objective and scientific manner and as a community initiative, Consulta Meta I.M. inc. is promoting the creation of a not-for-profit center to support the evangelization of Antonio Meuccis discovery and inventions.  Already, interested people from across Canada have accepted to share information and do further research.  Individuals, in the past as in the present, share in Meuccis lifetime events.  They join in a common voice, those who have experienced overpowering relationships resulting in the loss of their genuine, ongoing vision.


Today, we incorporate the Antonio Meucci Centre.  It will be a living example of solidarity in search of objective and scientific truth.



Franco Gucciardo




(*) truth
noun [C] 
A truth is a fact or principle which is thought to be true until proven contrary. 

Dr Catania's presence via telephone conference.
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Basilio Catania
Dr Basilio Catania, ing., Researcher

Meucci Day - Rome Italy - May 28 2003

Some outcomes
from the Media conference


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Follow-up Media Release


Late Sunday evening, October 20th, the exhibit  Antonio Meucci:  Discoverer of Telephony ended. 


Following the Media conference, held the morning of Friday, October 18th, the doors of the Casa dItalia were opened for the weekend to receive visitors.  Over 300 people, from 8 years of age to a few well into their 80s, had a chance to be captivated by Meuccis life and his genius.  Some returned the next day bringing with them others with whom to share in the new, and, for some, not so new, information.  It was an exiting time, filled with questions, doubts and wonderment.  The static display, the computer presentation, the dynamic display of the telettrofono models and the narration provided interaction with the legacy left by Antonio Meucci.  Throughout the event, there was great feedback from people, francophone, anglophone and, of course, italophone.


Friday morning was the Medias turn to ask questions and get answers.  Franco Gucciardo provided the initial information release entitled Meucci, more than an inventor, a discoverer.  Then, the question and answer session was linked to Dr. Basilio Catania, Eng., from Turin, who is the soul of the current research on Meucci.


Friday afternoon was calm at the Casa d'Italia until other activities brought the Minister of International Trade, Pierre Pettigrew, to the Meucci exhibit.  Saturday, Quebec teachers, tourists, individuals and groups who heard or read the information on Antonio Meucci dropped by.  Sunday, the general public came to the exhibit in greater numbers.  Considering the interest shown by the visitors and their comments, thought will be given to making the exhibit Mobile like the telephone, thus making it possible to bring the information into the communities.


October 18th was also the occasion to inaugurate the Antonio Meucci Centre, a not-for-profit organization with roots across Canada, focusing on the life of Antonio Meucci, which encourages research for truth and endorses dissemination of related, supporting information.


Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette expressed it well in his column of October 19th it is the beginning of a new era:  the era of Truth. 

With the abundance of information available today, the truth is out there and it will be found.